About Legacy Juice Works

Our company began in July 2013 as “Saratoga Juice Bar,” a small yet thriving cold pressed juice bar located in historic Saratoga Springs, NY, a wellness destination for over 200 years. Although the store recently closed, we continue to be deeply inspired to serve our unique selection of functional beverages to people who seek a healthy and delicious drink option.

All of our functional beverages were developed over time with important input from our retail customers. Because of this slow and methodical approach, we were able to develop truly functional beverages that work and are delicious too! This has also allowed us to be innovative and near the forefront of the functional beverage market. We are excited to announce in the coming months the launch of an innovative new line of functional beverages to the market in 2021!

Our cold pressed juice and functional beverage recipes are crafted with care, with nutritional expertise and a belief that each juice must be both functional and taste great! Once crafted, the juice is then placed through a cold water pressure process that retains 100% of all the vitamins, minerals and active enzymes of natural whole food. Our entire line of functional beverages is 100% Certified Organic. No water, no purées - just juice - made with the finest and freshest produce available in the marketplace.

We are passionate about our healthy products and committed to building a community focused on being your best self.

Join us in creating a Legacy of wellness!